Merger and Acquisition Advisory Services:

 “I worked with Steve on the sale of our Company. Steve was very professional and very timely. We had to get alot of work accomplished in a short amount of time and we did. The sale went through at a higher price than most people expected.”


Glen Helmbrecht, President

Mayville Die & Tool, Inc. 

December 12, 2011


“Steve did a great job of making numerous connections with prospective buyers on a short time schedule. He provided weekly reporting in a timely manner and ultimately produced a qualified buyer. Steve was responsive and professional and I recommend him for those looking for a business broker.”


Loree Shady, Vice President

Hometown Bank

December 9, 2011

“I have worked with Steve for approximately ten years in a variety of capacities. Steve is an outstanding business advisor with the highest integrity. Steve provides outstanding strategic advice and takes the time to understand the unique needs of his clients.”

Gregory Lynch, Attorney, Transactional Chair
Michael Best & Friedrich LLP
May 2, 2011 

"I have had the opportunity to work with Steve in a variety of settings.  He is responsive, assertive without being overly aggressive and flexible.  Steve is ultimately professional, works well with a wide variety of people, even in intense and adversarial situations, and gets results.  I recommend Steve to anyone looking for a business broker or advisor." 

Rebecca DeMarb, Attorney

Murphy Desmond S.C.

May 2, 2011

“We have worked with Steve Royko in mergers and acquisition activity for about three years.  The early part of our cooperation was assisting us to prepare our company for sale and deal with acquisition inquiries. 

Based on his recommendations we made changes to our financial targets to optimize the sales price for the business from under $3 million to well over $5 million. 

The actual purchase process was managed by Steve[...]  Once the final buyer was identified, we were very well prepared for the due diligence process due to Steve's preparation.  His recommendations for professional service providers were excellent.

The closing on the deal was achieved earlier than most deals manage to close.” 

Malcolm Peacock, Owner
Bio-Systems International
October, 2010

“Steve and I recently worked together on the sale of a privately-held service company. His ability to understand our client's business and its synergies with prospective acquirers proved to be a great asset. He is a great communicator who is not afraid to ask the tough questions. With his understanding of business and attention to detail, I would highly recommend Steve for other projects.” 

Jason Muenster, Business Transaction Advisor
Cornerstone Business Services
January 27, 2010

“...Steve Royko was contracted to find a strategic investor/partner for my decorative hardware design, importing, and wholesale distribution company.  Our engagement came to a successful close in May 2009 with [the] acquisition of a portion of the company by an ideal strategic partner.

Although Steve's high level of professionalism was expected for someone in his position, I was regularly surprised by how he was interested in making sure I was well informed and comfortable every step of the way as he was to close the deal.  Furthermore, I firmly believe that Steve's ability to pull information from me, the company, and the entire industry and distill it into a clear picture of our competitive advantages truly allowed us to realize value that existed but was difficult to quantify.

I highly recommend Steve and Cornerstone for services similar to those I received.  I am happy to discuss my experience with any current or prospective client.”

Hussein Zoroufy, President
Z Basics, Inc.
July 31, 2009

“Steve has proven to be a professional through and through. I worked with Steve on the buy-in of a business and, while his job was to represent the seller, he kept an even keel throughout the process which resulted in a smooth process even in rough waters. Steve understands what needs to be done, he keeps everyone focused and he gets creative where he needs to in order to help both parties close a deal that works for both parties.”

Bob Bascom, President
Z Basics
June 26, 2009

Business Plan Development & Consulting:

"We hired Steve to help put together our business plan and it went very well. The project was on time and we were happy with the results. Steve was good to work with and provided a lot of insight to our plan. We are now looking forward to executing what Steve helped us put on paper." 

Brock Lundberg, Vice President of Technology

Fiberstar, Inc.

August 2, 2012

"We hired Steve to help us write a business plan for our company, and he did a great job helping us describe the position and goals of our company. In addition to doing great market research, he is thorough, and easy to work with." 

Rowan Atalla, COO

Cellulose Sciences International

July 19, 2012

Represented the debtor-in-possession of a local food processing machinery manufacturer in Chapter 11 in the successful sale of its assets and intellectual property.“We hired Steve to rework our business plan. Was really pleased with the results. Definitely helped to take our business to the next level.” 

Steve Novak, Owner/President

Lake-Link, Inc.

July 29, 2011 

“Steve helped us to create a business plan for our company, Mu. He provided a lot of good insight into the development of the plan and helped us to formulate a solid financial plan for the company.” 


Nathan PattersonResearch Associate

Morgridge Institute for Research

July 18, 2011

“Steve has prepared business plans for several of the diverse enterprises associated with our company and we found him to be thorough, professional, patient and committed. I can highly recommend him.  

Jim Walsh, 

July 6, 2011

We were very fortunate to have Steve recommended to us to assist in developing the business plan for our new company. Steve help was invaluable. He took the time and effort to fully understand our business and our priorities. Then he worked hard to help us organize and write the plan, continually clarifying issues and suggesting creative ways to incorporate our ideas into the document. Steve's personality and professionalism made him a pleasure to work with.” 

Jeffrey Butler, Studio Artist / Character Artist / Concept Artist

Raven Software

June 1, 2011

“We recently went though the process of starting up a new company. Steve was instrumental in helping us create our business plan. He quickly grasped the essence of our business and led us through the process, a task we would have had great difficulty in accomplishing on our own.” 

Michael Crowns, Director of Product Development 

Raven Software

May 4, 2011

Steve has a knack for tackling complicated subject matters and getting to the fundamental issues quickly. Steve is responsive, approachable, and professional. I have recommended and continue to recommend Steve to clients who need business and strategic planning assistance.” 

Matt Storms, CEO 
AlphaTech Counsel, S.C.
April 28, 2010

“Steve is a very talented, details-oriented individual. He has been a tremendous asset in the development of proposals for several clients. His professional approach on projects is greatly appreciated.” 

Tammy Douglass, President/CEO
Tammy Douglass & Associates, LLC
September 17, 2009

“I have worked with Steve in his capacity as a consultant. Steve is working with us on a large grant project and has been very helpful in all phases of this project. Steve is engaging and on top of his game. We have had a great experience working with Steve and would do so again.” 

Jim Drogue, VP Credit Union Development
Wisconsin Credit Union Leag
July 13, 2009