Royko Enterprises LLC

Royko Enterprises - Plan.  Grow.  Buy.  Sell.

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Royko Enterprises can
help you do all of the above.    

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Royko Enterprises specializes in merger and acquisition advisory services to companies seeking to exit or purchase other businesses, and business planning services to companies seeking to raise debt or equity financing.  


For over six years, Royko Enterprises has focused on profitable and distressed businesses with $1 million to $50 million in annual revenue, as well as startups.


Contact Royko Enterprises for a free consultation if you are:


1.     A business owner seeking to exit your business

2.     A business owner or individual seeking to purchase another business

3.     A lender, receiver, or owner of a distressed business seeking to exit (including situations involving a bankruptcy, receivership, or other court-directed process)

4.     A business owner seeking to develop a business plan to help you raise debt or equity to fund your growth. 


Royko Enterprises has the expertise, integrity, professionalism, and proven track record to help you meet and exceed your objectives.  


We have one goal: client success.

Let Royko Enterprises share how we can help you achieve your goals.